Tecumseh Ceaser (Native Tec)

    Exhibition: The Socrates Annual 2019

    Honoring the People of Sewanhaky,

    Wampum, wood, chicken wire, green pigment, cement, nails, foam, abolone, glass

    Tecumseh Ceaser (NativeTec)‘s homage to the original inhabitants of the territory that encompasses Queens, Long Island and Brooklyn is titled 'Honoring the People of Sewanhaky,' which translates to the island of black shells. The concrete and wampum sculpture depicts a sea turtle with thirteen facets on its shell, representing the indigenous groups of the region at the time of European colonization, and references the creation story that North America emerged from a turtle’s back.
    To hear the artist speak about their work, dial 646-217-4440 then press 14#
    Photography by Scott Lynch & Sara Morgan
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