Albedo Pilgrims Make a Landing, 2008Recycled white shirtsDimensions variable

An installation and performance piece by collaborative arts organization, The Canary Project, whose mission is to bring awareness to the issue of climate change, the piece centers on the Shinto tradition of Shimenawa, braided ropes of rice straw usually indicating sacred or pure space. Recycled white work shirts are worn by “pilgrims” in a performance that occurs at the exhibition’s opening. The performance begins with three pilgrims in a boat on the water; the pilgrims then disembark and march to the site of the installation where two of the trees will be wrapped with braided white business shirts. Some rocks in the water will also be wrapped with the work shirts, which are meant to disintegrate with weather and time. The collective promotes the wearing of white, which increases the reflectivity of the Earth and decreases global warming.


May 4 – Aug 3, 2008 Waste Not, Want Not