Zoran Mojsilov

    Exhibition: Sculpture City

    Camel, 1989


    7' x 10' x 10'

    This piece is an outgrowth of an idea for a bench that is made of elbows instead of feet. Special thanks to Paul who named this sculpture Camel. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    Exhibition: Sculptors Working

    V.Y.L., 1988

    Wood, forged iron

    24' x 24' x 24'

    My sculpture borrows from nature and refers to a practice whose originas are Slavic and Pagan. In the woods, the Pagan folk imagination sought form for the spirit in nature. In my sculpture, V.Y.L., I have chosen branches from the forest that have grown in the form of v's, y's, and l's. They have been put together in a spiral that has been marked by the peeled ends of certain branches. At the base of the structure is a circle with a bench in its center. It invites pedestrians to sit on it and remember what they have forgotten.
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