Banishing the Poets, 1990 is meant to reflect on current repressive attitudes of censorship that are threatening artistic freedom of expression in the U.S.A. It urges us to connect these trends with the idealist tradition that has dominated western thought since Plato banished the poets from his republic. The egg, a symbol of creation, contrasts with the barbed wire that represses and contains it. It is a parable for the inner reality of fear and defensiveness that is being played out in the cultural field. The egg is placed in a nest of marsh grass near the river, inviting us to remember the trial of Socrates and to reflect on the power of creative expression in our changing times. Special thanks to Mark, Enrico, Thanos, Arists Trust, Anne Gerber, Helen + Max Gurvich, Mimi + Dwayne Richards, Ruth Fay, and Danae Willson.