Public Use

Artist Paul Ramírez Jonas’ ‘Eternal Flame’ grills are also officially open for public use! Grilling hours are Monday–Friday, 10am–6pm. There is no reservation system, instead the grills are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Grillers must properly dispose of used charcoal in the labeled metal containers in the grilling area. All other barbecue-related waste can be disposed of in the Park’s trash bins, or if it is compostable – in the compost bins. Please note: there is no alcohol allowed at the Park.

Documentary Short

See artist Paul Ramírez Jonas’ ‘Eternal Flame’ monument installation activated by five Queens, New York-based chefs in this documentary short by film-makers RAVA (Ava Wiland and Rafael Salazar). As the chefs cook delicious recipes from around the world, they share their thoughts on cuisine as an enduring touchstone of culture and heritage.

Produced in association with Galeria Nara Roesler.


Paul Ramírez Jonas’ ‘Eternal Flame’ is a monument in the form of a communal grill and imagines cooking culture as both a symbolic and real eternal flame – there is always a lit cooking fire somewhere on this globe. The work honors the role of cuisine and cooking in cultural cohesion and expression among communities and identities,  even when individuals and families relocate locally, nationally or internationally.

‘Eternal Flame’ is designed to recognize the importance of dialogue and exchange. With this in mind, the artist is producing a series of videos featuring local and distant chefs preparing recipes and relating stories on each dish’s significance. Ramírez Jonas imagines cooking culture as a symbolic eternal flame, enduring in communities for generations, over vast distances.