Gateway has multiple meanings. It is a mental construct to understanding, a physical passageway through and to multiple realities, and a symbol of evolution. It is an homage to the changes that are happening in the country of Romania. I lived in Romania in 1970-71, five years into Nicolae Ceausescu’s reign. Then, the country was shockingly grey and brown, but, as is so often the case, the people were passionate, colorful and angry. This gateway is a tribute to their remarkable present and future. The design in this gateway is taken from a Romanian folk design and also with Constantin Brancusi in mind. The can lids, recycled elements, are an evolution to the future health of this planet, waste not, want not, or what not. To watch them rust with time, to recycle can lids and transform them into gold is magic, a why not. It is also, on a more real level, a way to get people’s participation, a gateway to collaboration, connecting the past, present and future. Thanks to Enrico and Thanos for chain saw lessons and to Mark di Suvero for the opportunity.