Images by Nicholas Knight Studio; KMDeco Creative Solutions: Mark DiConzo; Rob Buchanan; Jenny Polak; and Sara Morgan

About ‘Offshore’

A square chain-link fence cage topped with razor wire perches over the Park’s shoreline in the artist’s monument to prison abolition. Offshore proposes a reverse-commemoration, imagining a monument constructed in the future when offshore prisons and extrajudicial detention no longer occur. Pennants bearing messages from people formerly and currently incarcerated festoon the fence. An optical viewing machine, commonly found at tourist sites for monumental architecture and scenic vistas, allows the public to contemplate this prison-like structure that appears to hover like a ghostly presence.

Thank You: Jess Wilcox and all who helped make this project possible; the generous authors of the messages on the pennants – Susan Hammill, Demaris Cordero, Ciara Martinez, and Nadezda Steele-Warrick from the Hour Children Working Women group facilitated by Sarah Murphy as well as Gerard Tanella, Hilton N. Webb Jr, John Runowicz, Nestor E., Stanley Eldridge, Bluestone, Becky Jane Dunham, Doc Da Edutainer, Marvin Wade (Spiritual Activist), and Felix Guzman from The Fortune Society facilitated by Jamie Maleszka; the wonderful Socrates crew especially True, Terrence McCutchen, Chris Zirbes, Carlos Jimenez Cahua, Audrey Dimola, and Eric Matthews; and my brilliant crew and encouragers: Anika Todd, Marina Litvinskaya, Rob Buchanan, Dan Sesil, Rik van Hemmen, and Dread Scott.

Audio Guide

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‘MONUMENTS NOW: Call and Response’