Work I have heard that at one time the earth’s magnetic poles have changed positions. Who knows how stable this gravity thing is? What if gravity fled the park? What if Mark di Suvero’s sculptures float away like stray ribbons? Imagine standing off the shore of the Park and watching the skyscrapers of Manhattan puncture the sky. In a preemptive strike against the anomalies of physics, I made In Preparation of the Reversal of Gravity (AKA The Flying Buttress).” Site I was out at Socrates for the first time since snow was on the ground. A warm spring day made the removal of my piece easy work. The fishermen were out trading stories with the sculpture folk. A man with a basset hound was checking out the Park’s new stone path. The seemingly eternal quest to grow grass was in full swing. Socrates is a landscape of activity and change. From a former dump to a laboratory for comtemporary sculpture, the space seems to be in a constant state of transformation. In the end, it does not seem odd to imagine gravity leaving here.