“Time is but the moving unreal reflection of Eternity.” This site is a child of the reflection. Even considering the history and experience of the last 400 years, this land has much more to do. The park’s convergence with the river is important to me. Living by a river myself (Siddhartha), flowing water is part of my daily experience. I felt satisfied that the piece would overlook the water.

While working with what some Greek mathematicians and theologians consider the MOST important of forms, the sphere, I have constructed sculpture which embodies the concept of growth, atomic structure, constructivist freedom and perpetuality.

Pythagoras believed in the transmigration of the individual soul from one body to another, even to a different species. “Do not hit him,” he once said to a man who was beating a puppy. “It is the soul of a friend of mine. I recognize it when I heard it cry out.” Lean on.

Lifeguards use their chairs to watch for those in need.

Watching Manhattan as an awed observer of time.

Thanks for assistance: Valerie, John Townsend, Michael Lalicki.