Trial is three independent shapes that come together from distinct viewpoints to make a solid form. Each separate view, like each separate piece, offers few clues as to the reality of the total sculpture. Walking around Trial, an entirely different set of shapes begins to emerge. The activity of looking becomes an experience of discovery. Handforged lead is a technique I developed to make metal sculpture myself in a more integrated way than casting or welding. Full scale wire mesh patterns are permeated with molten lead. The resulting flat sheets are folded and hammered into the final shape. Regardless of the form’s combined complexity, each is made from a single piece of material. In Trial the whole is comprised of parts, which are in turn made from a whole. The hands-on process and integrity of the work depends on this concept of completion.

Special thanks go to: Suppliers- Estey Wire Works and Ney Products, Inc. Steve from Adirondack Assistants- Nancy Welch, Bill Tully, Mike Merchang. All those at the Park involved with making this sculpture possible.