Even before arriving at Socrates I had an inkling of what this place could use.  It may not be a Hector Guimard Paris Metro but the NY subway entrance can be an equally glorious sight in our busy urban lifestyle.  Alas, I only offer up a glowing decoy as a result of my thought process and interest in gaining my own access to the public art space.  Noticing I was drawn to pieces from previous exhibitions that thrived on the element of discovery I wanted to echo that, which I think is part of the Socrates experience as a whole.  The possibility that my work could be a beacon visible from even Manhattan was exciting.  This is a piece I know can stand up to the elements but will require maintenance/performance and some wet paint signs.  I was curious to see how the advertising and signage space would function in a dysfunctional stop.  Objects and architecture we encounter on a daily basis relocated or perhaps dislocated within the boundaries of public art institution hold great interest for me.  I also think that the general concept is much broader and critiques ideas of access while creating new opportunities and experiences.