In collaboration with Alexander Felson

We are spectators to the greatest species extinction crisis since the dinosaurs: amphibians. Salamanders are critical keystone organisms particularly in the verdant North-eastern USA, and yet we continue to cut off their migration corridors, desiccate the vernal ponds where they breed or stock them with fish, and smear them like cream cheese across our roads.

Can we adapt our urban infrastructure to support the organisms upon whom our healthy systems depend?

What comes first: the salamander or the migration route?

Like humans, salamanders avoid dark tunnels. The pattern of holes is a projection of the stars at this location, providing celestial orientation and dappled daylight similar to that on forest floors. By creating a micro-speedbump we provide the gentle reminder to people in vehicles above that we are not alone. Follow on Twitter: anything that passes through the tunnel will tweet at @SlmndrSuperhigh.