Our environment, WaterRocks, consists of a pond, 24′ x 26′ x 1′, with 2 rusting stell boulders (4′ x 7′, 4′ x 8′), one in the pond, and one part in, part out. Water seeps out of the boulders in many places, falling into the pond. Duckweed multiplies, the boulders rust, the grass grows, and the birds drink the bath. WaterRocks encompasses a total area of 39′ x 41′ x 5′.

In WaterRocks, we combine natural elements and a natural system with industrial materials, to create a positive way to harmonize human activity with nature. To form natural/unnatural boulders, we use steel, which is an element of the earth, yet changed by the manufacturing process. By developing an environment combining both natural and industrial elements, we have found a way to benefit both, and to renew the balance.