When Art is a newsprint and web-based project designed as a platform to start a dialogue about the question of the timeliness of art — in other words, the status of an artwork in relation to time and its reception. The conversation of “When Art” began with the question of an artwork’s legitimacy in relation to when it is received by a viewer (hence the subtitle (Or In What Regard)), and what happens when a work is not seen. Contributors include Soledad Arias, Nathalie Anglas, Koan Jeff-Baysa, Dave Beech, Dan Cameron, Jinkee Choi, Eva Diaz, Aniko Erdosi, Paddy Johnson, Raimundas Malasauskas with Darius Miksys, Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt, Paul O’Neill, Sarah Pierce, Aisling Prior, Sebastian Romo, Mick Wilson and Raul Zamudio.