Socrates Sculpture Park has partnered with a local public high school, NYC’s Academy for Careers in Television & Film (ACTvF), to document the park’s 2014 Season through a student-created film series. An ACTvF class began filming in the park in April and will be with us through the end of the year to capture our programs and exhibitions.

Here is the latest film of the student series, an insider’s peak into the park’s dynamic Arts Education Program.

Our education program began in a modest, organic way in 1990: we started inviting local children to the park to learn under an exhibiting artist, who led workshops using their signature artistic medium and process (e.g., clay, print-making) to create sculpture and objects. This simple premise – the act of making – has matured into a dynamic education program including in-school and out-of-school programming. Across all our workshops and educational offerings, our objective is the same: to use a hands-on, engaged learning environment as a means for creative expression that inspires confidence in communication and independent thinking.