Saturday, August 3  •  11AM1PM  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  20 Participants • All Ages Welcome  •  Free!

Facilitated by Christina Delfico of iDig2Learn

Looking up at tree limbs or down to vast root systems below ground, we’ll explore nature’s exchange to unlock the hidden relatedness in our midst. 

Lightning strikes give the soil nitrogen, and earth-bound fungi hug tightly to tree root tips teasing out sugars and sending back nutrients a tree could never absorb without the aid of their mycelium friends.

Come explore the park and the complex connections aboveground and underground with artists of Socrates and iDig2Learn’s founder. Together we will share the latest science and create a colorful visual web of ribbon art in the River Birch grove to better understand the interconnectedness all living things do to heal, trade and repair.