Field Guide 2022

Explore Socrates’ unique environment with a series of experimental workshops that combine art making with natural materials, gardening, experiments in sustainability, that celebrate the senses.

Workshops weave together planting, drawing, sound recording, plant and tree identification, learning about medicinal properties of indigenous plants, pickling, bookmaking, and experiments in bioplastics. These workshops will also explore mindfulness techniques, seeking to grow our shared awareness of the natural cycles of the park, and our senses.

The series will result in a book: Field Guide, A Community-made Book of Knowledge, that will be both a collaborative artwork and a guide to the ecology of the park.

These workshops are free, hands on, open to all ages, families and individuals, and any skill level. 


Past Field Guide Workshops | 2022

Queens Green Day: Dirtfest 2022 ->

Saturday, April 23  •  12PM – 4PM

Planting Healing, Pickling, & Pigment Gardens #1–>

Saturday, May 7 (Cancelled)

Planting Healing, Pickling, & Pigment Gardens #2–>

Saturday, May 14

Bioplastics & Bio-Fashion Show pt. 1–>

Saturday, May 21

Interpreting weather station data / data as art material workshop–>

Saturday, June 4

Seeing Patterns – Micro —> Macro–>

Saturday, June 11

Propagation: Take the park home with you–>

Saturday, June 18

Wildlife Living Among Us – Finding Shelter–>

Saturday, July 9

Inhale; kin –>

Saturday, July 16

Place; dirt –>

Saturday, July 23

Healing / Senses / Healing Plants (workshop 1 of 3)  –>

Saturday, August 6  (rescheduled to September 24)

Healing / Senses / Healing Plants (workshop 2 of 3)  –>

Saturday, August 13

Healing / Senses / Healing Plants (workshop 3 of 3)  –>

Saturday, August 20

Bio-plastics fashion show: Part 2 –>

Saturday, September 10

Blending and Defending for the Next Generation –>

Saturday, September 17

Healing / Senses / Healing Plants (workshop 1 of 3)  –>

Saturday, September 24 (rescheduled from August 6)

Preserving food –>

Saturday, October 1 (Cancelled due to weather)

Sustenance; fires –>

Saturday, October 15 (rescheduled form October 8)