Saturday, July 16  •  11AM – 1PM  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  All Ages Welcome  •  Free!

20 participants (all ages)

Imagine entering a lush green forest full of dense foliage, you’re awakened by the crisp smell of pines. You can smell spring water and sensations of sunlight. Through the trees there are occasional wafts of delicate smoke. A distant campfire bouquet finds you, you begin to pick up distinct notes, with each specific smell it brings up memories, connected reflections. Cedar ash, dirt and bubbling sap. As you get closer to the fire, you inhale small parts of the smoke and it becomes part of you, the memory is breathed back into you.

Within this workshop we will consider aroma as an olfactory sensation that activates memory and somatic grounding. We will design incense, sage and rolled herbal bundles using dried plants from the garden, personalized for our bodies current needs.

Facilitated by Marcela Torres

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