View looking up at the Socrates Weather Station

Saturday, June 4  •  11AM – 1PM  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  All Ages Welcome  •  Free!

20 participants (all ages)

Explore weather data gathered by Sky Tickler, our Weather Station at Socrates!  Workshop projects will include drawings and sound recordings based off of our current weather and data collected. Learn more about artist and facilitator Heidi Neilson and her project SP Weather Station —-> HERE.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to analyze data collected from our new hyper local Park weather station and what that tells us about our current climate (and climate futures!)
  • Explore ways in using data to create art- traditionally with drawing and in new media with sound
  • Collaborate with fellow weather-enthusiasts and become part of a collective weather movement

RVSP here.