Close up of hands pouring a jar of oil and herbs through a small sieve

Saturday, August 6  •  11AM – 1PM  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  All Ages Welcome  •  Free!

20 participants (all ages)

Have you ever wondered how our bodies know it’s not feeling well? Or, how do our bodies signal pain, hunger and other feelings? What about plants?  Do they sense similar interior and exterior stimuli?

By examining the ways our bodies communicate what it’s sensing internally and externally, we can begin to understand how to care for the self. We will look at the similarities between our bodies ability to shift awareness through sensory organs and plants ability to fluctuate based on its environment. Each workshop will explore the healing properties of plants and how it relates to one of our bodies’ sensorial preceptors.Participants will leverage the powers of the garden and create medicine for what ails ya.

*Participants are invited to join for 1 or more of these unique workshops.


Facilitated by Jeannette Rodríguez Píneda.

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