Reishi Mushrooms

Saturday, June 1  •  11AM1PM  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  20 Participants • All Ages Welcome  •  Free!

Facilitated by Roberta Trentin 

In this two part workshop, we’ll use reishi mushrooms to make paper and medicinal tinctures.

Mushrooms are an excellent alternative source for paper making. The workshop will start with a brief introduction to mushroom paper making and how it differs from cellulose-based paper. We will then learn different paper-making techniques and assemblages and dive into making postcard-size sheets. 

Medicinal Mushrooms have been utilized for thousands of years. Tinctures are one of the most effective methods of extracting beneficial and medicinal compounds and absorbing them into our body. In this class participants will learn about Reishi Mushrooms and their medicinal properties and how to make a dual-extraction tincture.