Ribbon Cutting: Rooftop Meadows & Living Walls
with the AH-YES Program

Sunday, October 1
1-3 pm

Join us for a ribbon cutting of the new roof-top meadow and living walls at Socrates Sculpture Park. The AH-YES teens will show off their ambitious building project, talk about their experience, and of course, we’ll eat!

The 2023 Cohort are Eileen, Yuki, Tenzin, Lily, Sade, Paul, Gary, Kylah, Afrida, and Cristina!

During July and August, 10 teens from Queens teamed up with Socrates’ Director of Education Douglas Paulson, and fabricator Sara Sciabbarrasi to design and build a roof-top meadow and living walls.

Visitors to Socrates will see gorgeous native plants grow, and pollinators and hummingbirds for years to come.  These projects will also have a cooling effect in the park; and use rainwater, diverting it from our sewer system.

Over two hot months, AH-YES teens interviewed Queens’ farmer Anna Poaster on Hellgate Farms, and designed these projects with feedback from Gil Lopez of Smiling Hogshead Ranch.  AH-YES learned tools and carpentry skills, and beyond: yoga, anti-violence and self defense training, budgeting workshops, meditation, rock climbing, and ate a significant amount of ice cream.

Learn more about the AH-YES Program HERE >>>

Image: Joyce S. Chan


Images: Joyce S. Chan, Sade Amour