Saturday, July 27  •  11AM2PM  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  20 Participants • All Ages Welcome  •  Free!

Facilitated by Nisha Purushotham and Ana Polanco

Power in Ceremony pairs together Aurora Commons with the Socrates Sculpture Park community to have integrated conversations around Weaving Liberation for all Beings (WE-Lab). People are welcome to join Part 1, Part 2, or both parts.

Part 1: Together in Ceremony, is a program that pairs ancestral coaches to share their forms of ceremonial expression.

Part 2: Observations in Power is a program that investigates ideas of collective power through historical protest songs led by Nisha Purushotham. Then paired with local community members in Astoria to ask “how is power seen here?”

About Weaving Liberation for all Beings (WE-Lab)

Weaving Liberation of All Beings is an anti-supremacist and pro-liberation framework in which the planet, humans, and other-than-human kin (animals, plants, and biota) are treated as belonging to one whole system. Weaving Liberation is an ideology that highlights our interconnections: cultural, ecological, political and emotional. These are not separate spheres. They work together in an ever spiraling web of relationships and responsibility that tie us to the land, kin, and one another. Aurora Commons in partnership with Socrates Sculpture Park considers Weaving Liberation for all Beings (WE-Lab).

Read about these three workshops and the ideas behind them HERE>>>>

About Ana & Nisha

About Ana Polanco:

Ana Polanco is an ancestral coach, cultural facilitator, and storyteller, who helps women of color and organizations find new ways of leading at 10,000 feet. Over the last six years Polanco has experimented blending transformational coaching, ancestral wisdom, organizational development and campaigning tools to shift our purpose and embrace the culture that will help us thrive.

About Nisha Purushotham:

Nisha Purushotham is a queer femme leadership coach, facilitator, and cultural worker.  I partner with movement and nonprofit organizations and leaders who seek to heal from systems of dominance, to seed transformative justice practices and to reimagine culture in ways that nurture inner resilience and collective liberation. I integrate somatic practice, Parts Work, sound healing, Ancestors and Spirit in my work. I also currently study the impact of trauma on our bodies and trauma-informed pathways towards individual and collective healing. My proudest accomplishments are channeling songs of love, reclamation and liberation for my people and raising a vibrant, creative, strong willed, and loving child.