About the Workshop

Saturday, October 9  •  11am–2pm  •  Pre-Registration Required  •  All Ages Welcome  •  Free!


Movement as Relinquishing is a movement-based workshop, we ask ourselves: How has the pandemic changed our bodies? Where has grief taken hold in our joints and musculature? In what ways can we honor this grief, shake loose this tension, and re-establish our connection to our bodies and ourselves? How can we expel the anger; the intensity that must flow through and out of us? Bridging somatic exercises with grief journaling, muay thai, and dance, Movement as Relinquishing offers visitors the chance to reconnect to their bodies in motion.

Grief as a Present and a Past is a performance–we will use sound baths, meditative movement, and forms of ephemeral offerings to create rituals to engage with our loved ones.

When death approaches us, a cyclone is torn open. Time becomes free falling, ancestors and memories come flooding forward. We are asked to reshuffle these details, rearranging our realities inline with the spirit world.

Smita Sen and Marcela Torres


Marcela Torres

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, living in transit between Chicago and Brooklyn.. Torres received a BA in Sculpture Intermedia and a BFA in Art History from the University of Utah, continuing their studies in MFA in Performance form School of the Art Institute Chicago. Torres has performed at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE), The Momentary (Bentonville, AK), Fringe Festival (Detroit, MI), Experimental Actions (Houston, TX) and Time Based Arts (Portland, Oregon). Torres has exhibited work at Recess (Brooklyn, NY), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, IL) UW-Parkside University (Kenosha, WI), Tropical Contemporary (Eugene, OR), Petzel Gallery (NYC, NY) In 2021 Torres will be a resident at Creative Exchange Lab at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts.

Smita Sen

Smita Sen is an artist working with sculpture, dance-based performance, and advanced technology to research how the body internalizes its environment and significant life events. With installations, Sen attempts to reimagine sites of care and creates environments for the body to enter states of meditative healing. Sen’s work has been shown at venues like Recess (Brooklyn, NY), Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY), Flux Factory (Long Island City, NY), Anthology Film Archives (New York, NY), and the Knockdown Center (Queens, NY). Sen was in-residence at Recess (2021), Mildred’s Lane (2018), and received the Instigator Fellowship from NYU ITP Camp (2018). She has served as a Visiting Artist at the Bard College Disturbance Lab and has given talks and workshops at Columbia University, Bard College, NYU ITP Camp, and LRLX NY. Sen is a graduate of Columbia University. An educator, she is currently teaching and designing the Emerging Media program at Choate Rosemary Hall.