October 21, 2023 – May 5, 2024 Opening: October 21, 2023 (11am – 1pm)

Field Notes: Parts of a Whole
Collected drawings by Field Guide participants 2021-2023

Vinyl print
10 × 28 feet

On view October 21, 2023 – May 5, 2024


Since 2021, community members, neighbors, kids, parents, grandparents, artists, musicians, seed finders, cooks, gardeners, farmers, bird watchers, writers, poets, thinkers, finders, seekers, and explorers have gathered at Socrates to intentionally build a body of knowledge together.

Field Guide is a proposition: 

To bring these people together for a series of experimental workshops at the intersections of art, environmental appreciation, and mindfulness.

To plant the seeds in the park for vibrant growth: to attract pollinators with native plants, to grow fresh veggies we can eat right off the vine; to build relationships between each other and the world around us.

To collectively build a body of knowledge about this space and ourselves, and to archive it into a new farmers’ almanac about this transformative time. In each workshop we’ve cultivated notes and photographs, how-tos and haikus, artworks and artifacts, seed packets and drawings.

Field Notes: Parts of a Whole
is a gathering:

Aneesa Razek has gathered and woven together this constellation of drawings and observations from Field Guide participants.

Field Guide Staff

Aneesa Razek began her time at Socrates in the after school art-making program Socrateens. She currently co-leads Field Guide workshops with Doug and can often be found foraging in the Education Gardens.

Douglas Paulson is an artist and Director of Education at Socrates Sculpture Park.

Field Guide workshops are free and open to the public. Christina Delfico, Heidi Neilson, Anna Poaster,  Pamela Reyes, Jeannette Rodríguez Píneda, and Marcela Torres. have helped shape the contours of Field Guide, and of course, all the participants who come on Saturday mornings rain or shine. Thank you.

Learn more about our Field Guide Educators HERE —>

Image credit: Working image ‘Field Notes: Parts of a Whole,’ Aneesa Razek