October 10, 2020 – March 14, 2021


Press Release

Part II of the ‘MONUMENTS NOW‘ exhibition, ‘Call and Response,’ presents ten monuments projects realized by the Park’s 2020 Artist Fellows: Daniel Bejar, Fontaine Capel*, Dionisio Cortes Ortega, Patrick Costello**, Bel Falleiros, Jenny Polak, Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, Andrea Solstad, Kiyan Williams*, and Sandy Williams IV*

*2020 New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellow
**2020 Devra Freelander Fellow

The 2020 Artist Fellows’ projects for ‘MONUMENTS NOW: Call and Response’ take various archetypal monumental forms – such as the arch or the column – and dedicate them to underrepresented peoples and histories: from the civil servants who deliver fresh drinking water to the everyday struggle for self-determination by the country’s descendants of chattel slavery.

What unites these various approaches is a focus on collective agency and power, departing from the hero narrative of traditional monuments. Much of the works’ impact relies on public participation and reception by actively inviting visitors to take part in creating the meaning of the monument.

The 2020 Artist Fellows were selected through a competitive open-call juried by Socrates’ exhibition staff and two Curatorial Advisors: Aimé Iglesias-Lukin, Director and Chief Curator of Visual Arts at the Americas Society and Legacy Russell, Associate Curator at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Each Artist Fellow was awarded a $5K production stipend, $1.5K honorarium, three months of seven-day-a-week access to the Park’s outdoor artist studio, as well as the technical and administrative support needed to realize their ambitious projects for public exhibition.

Learn more about ‘The Socrates Annual’ fellowship & exhibition program open call HERE.

The 2020 Artist Fellows’ Projects

Daniel Bejar
‘Monument for Immigrants (In Advance of an ICE Raid)’

Fontaine Capel*
‘Proposal for a Monument (Two)’

Dionisio Cortes Ortega
‘Croton Arch of Triumph’

Patrick Costello**
‘Ceding Ground’

Bel Falleiros
‘America (un)known’

Jenny Polak

Aya Rodriguez-Izumi
‘Gate: II’

Andrea Solstad

Kiyan Williams*
‘Reaching Towards Warmer Suns’

Sandy Williams IV*
‘Wax Flag IV (Free Wax)’

*2020 New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellow
**2020 Devra Freelander Fellow