May 22, 1988 – March 15, 1989 Opening: May 22, 1988 (2 – 6pm)

1988 at Socrates Sculpture Park: sculptors working, gardeners working, musicians and dancers. Fencing crews and stonemasons working. Painters working, drivers working, sculpture working. Neighbors and friends all help make “sculpture city” a happy place; where New York City opens to meet the East River. A place where sculpture works. Where sculpture is the context. Where form is the thing and space in the place; the time is now! $150,000 + in kind donations + free energy have positively affected the lives of the hundred who rearranged matter to make “sculpture working” and “socrates live.” Thousands more walked through the gates and climbed over the fence; they saw, heard and made out — and they keep coming. Something shared which is neither the violence nor the crack wars — the common denominators of our lives — New York City 1988. We struggle to maintain a place where sculpture can be a vital force; where art can make a difference in people’s lives. A place where exploration is important and what we transform — a dump into a park — is an indication of what can be done — what could be done if America wasn’t so fixed on self-destruction.

– Enrico Martignoni, Director

Music by: Chum Line, Jazz Trash Band, Thaddeus James, Women of the Calabash. Interactive theater: Hanne Tierney and Anne Thulin. Film: Film Crash.

This program is made possible in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts. Support for this exhibition was provided by: The Adirondack Furniture Center, Art Horizons, Ilan Averbuch, John Bergman, Bessemer Trust, Michelle Brown, Chemical Bank, Con Ed, Anita Contini, Mark di Suvero, Terry Dill, Evergreen Tree Service, Agnes Gund, Nancy Ittleson, Eleanor Kuser, Leifer Steel Gallery, David and Eileen Peretz, Phillip Morris, Reed College, Irving and Lucy Sandler, Seymour Schweber, and the Zabriskie Gallery.