October 10, 2020 – April 4, 2021


2019-2020 Socrateens, ‘What’s Missing,’ 2020, Courtesy the Artist, Image by Sara Morgan.

2019-2020 Socrateens


Christopher Bisram, Johnaila Cole, Michela Farella, Sohit Gurung, Farzana Ibrahim, Anabella Orellana, Kate Panasci, Aneesa Razak, and Laura Umana


Socrates Director of Education, Douglas Paulson

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‘What’s Missing’

Plywood; vinyl; and mirrored plexiglass
12 x 8 x 8 feet

For the third and final part of the ‘MONUMENTS NOW‘ exhibition, ‘The Next Generation,’ local high school students participating in the Park’s art-education program Socrateens collectively realized a monument installation titled ‘What’s Missing.’

The outer walls of the Socrateens’ monument present site photographs of various Cristopher Columbus statues in New York City, framing four empty spaces shaped like Columbus’ silhouette – through which people can enter. The mirrored interior provides a place for reflection on how public space and social constructs of visibility or invisibility can shape collective consciousness.

‘Monuments Decoder’

The Socrateens have also created a ‘zine titled ‘Monuments Decoder,’ drawing from monuments-related research they conducted in the community and their own thoughts and opinions on the topic. The ‘zine is freely available in limited print quantities or online HERE.

About the Socrateens

Facilitated by Socrates Lead Educator Douglas PaulsonSocrateens is a year-long concentrated program for 10 teens to create experimental art at the Park. Selected from various New York City high schools, the Socrateens work closely together to develop sculpture-making, drawing, performance, and photo/video skills as well as visiting artist studios, museums, and galleries (the 2019-2020 academic year program transitioned online in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.) Participants receive a monthly artist’s stipend of $100. Help support the Socrateens by making a donation to the Park!