How is the artist grant distributed?

The grant is split into multiple payments. The first half of the production grant is released upon signing the letter of agreement with Socrates. The second payment is mid-way through the fellowship.  The $2,000 honorarium is split in three payments: a check of $500 is released upon signing the letter of agreement, a second $1,000 is released after the exhibition opening and completion of the program evaluation. The last $500 will be delivered after the artist has de-installed and removed the work from the Park.

Is there an age limit to apply?

No. Socrates reviews all complete applications from artists of any age.

Can students apply?

Artists who are enrolled in a school, college, or university during the fellowship period are NOT eligible.

Can artists apply as collaborative teams?

Yes. The $2,000 honorarium can be split among the members of the collaborative team. Collaborators should designate a single point person to submit an application via Submittable. The language in the written component should reflect the specifics of the collaboration including parties involved, previous collaborative works (if applicable), etc. Applicants can consolidate and upload their CVs as one document.

Can artists based outside of the US apply?

Artists based outside of the US are welcome to apply, however residing locally during the Fellowship and realizing your proposal at our facilities is integral to the experience of the program. Please consider your ease of accessibility and availability to be present at the Park during the Fellowship, Exhibition installation, Opening Reception, and any partnering Public Programs. Socrates can provide a production grant,  honorarium, and facilities for the creation of the artwork only. Your proposal budget is for the creation of the artwork only. The Artist is responsible for arranging all accommodations, travel, and housing. Including these details in your plan would be beneficial for the jurors.

Does SSP have on site facilities and equipment?

Yes. We encourage applicants to visit the park (we are open 365 days of the year 9AM to sunset) to see the open-air studio area.  Although we have a cover to provide shade and cover from rain, please note there is no indoor studio space.

Does SSP accept proposal for non-traditional sculpture?

Yes. We accept proposals for all media provided that the projects can withstand the New York City weather in our waterfront environment and our active Park visitors. Performance, audio, and participatory works, waterproofed printed images, or ephemeral sculptures meant to degrade over time are welcome.

Video works have been difficult to present outdoors, but will be considered if there is a well-developed plan for installation and weatherproofing. Please note Socrates does not have any video equipment.

Is there park Security?

Please be advised, there are no security guards, so Park visitors will often touch and sometimes attempt to sit down on and even walk-on works.  This interaction should be taken into account in your project ideas. However, the park closes at sunset and is locked overnight.

Can artists dig into the ground at Socrates?

Yes, but it depends where and how deep. As a former landfill SSP has a lot of surprises under the ground level. In many places there are only a few inches of earth to dig through before hitting a concrete pad. We dig modest sized holes for footing and securing work. Large excavations are not possible.

Does Socrates have electricity?

Yes.  We have a limited amount of electricity in the Park, which can be used if the work demands it. For a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s more practical and efficient to use solar power than an electric hook-up.  We decide on a case-by-case basis.

Do artists receive installation assistance?

Yes.  As a DIY space, we encourage artists to install the work themselves with the assistance and under the supervision of installation crew that is hired by the Park.  As a group show, assistance must be distributed among the artist fellows and is thus limited.  The installation crew will not build the piece or install the work on your behalf.


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