Learn more about some of the individuals the Park partners with in our series of profiles.

Yousif Dawud, Park Horticulturalist

As the site’s resident horticulturist, Yousif has been bringing gardens and groves to the park since 2005… “When you are into something, you have to know everything about it,” he says of a row of shrubs that line the waterfront rail. “Improving the garden and landscaping isn’t an easy job,” Yousif continues, “but one of the best things you will ever have in your life are plants…” READ MORE>

Randy James, Dance at Socrates 

This Saturday, 10HL Projects will be performing a full-length preview of James’s “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” set to Mozart. James debuted the same project in 1998, but this rendition is composed of an entirely new set of choreography. “I’m a different person now,” James says… READ MORE>

Eric Mathews, Days of Heroes

For Mathews, the significance of the program comes from providing teens with the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the community’s local heroes, rather than simply witnessing a patrol car making its rounds through the neighborhood. “We’ve had kids age out of our program and come back as interns with their heads on their shoulders,” says Mathews… READ MORE>

Casey Tang, Urban Forest Lab Project

Tang is most excited about bringing in sea kale, a Paw Paw tree, and a North Red Toona Tree—all of which bear edible components. “I want this to be a community resource,” he says of the forest garden.“For me it’s about the freedom that comes with being self-sustainable…” READ MORE>

Urban Shaman Mama Donna

For over a decade, Donna Henes has performed her solstice rituals during a sunset ceremony at Socrates Sculpture Park’s annual Summer Solstice Festival. Her community-focused approach brings a sense of otherworldliness to a life too often perceived as ordinary. “You can’t really watch a ritual,” Henes says thoughtfully, “it is crucial in the human experience of connecting to oneself, each other, and the greater cosmos.” READ MORE>