Douglas Paulson is an artist and educator with an expansive practice: from sprawling social projects in public space, to intimate drawings, books, and sound experiments – all rooted in collaboration. His work has come to life across NYC and abroad, bringing together people from disparate backgrounds into conversation with each other. Paulson is currently the Lead Educator at Socrates Sculpture Park.

Favorite Poem

For Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day 2020, Paulson selected an exercise from the Park’s Sculpture Studio education program. Paulson asked participating students to list things that had been transformed by their experience at the Park. The resulting compositions can be read as poetry:


Our paper turned to a book
Our book then got lines
Our book was defined by different words.
Then our book had drawing.
The the inflatable got different things on it.
The inflatable was getting destroyed
We started with paper and markers then went to making objects


My mood
My hunger
My outfit
My mind
My love for dogs
The place changed
the sculpture
the weather
Chirping birds
how many dogs I saw
my tiredness
the leaves
the things I did
Cars driving
the view of nature


Deactivated –> Activated
Human –> Cyborgs
Cyborg rebellion –> New life
Galaxy –> New home
Futuristic –> New land
One control –> Everyone’s control
Rocket                     Metal
Stars                         Anger
Planets                     Happy/Fun
Black hole               Beauty
New inventions      Games