Hand holding a clay object delicately above a pool of water, with water rings and autumn leaves floating on it

Activation of  Hélio Oiticica’s Subterranean Tropicália Projects: PN15 1971/2022

We are one only heart, one only earth, one only soul
featuring Bel Falleiros

August 14 | 12 – 2 pm
Performance & Clay Workshop
Free, Drop-in

Closing day of Subterranean Tropicália Projects: PN15 1971/2022

in conjunction with 
“Ofrendas” Sculpture Workshop
August 14, 2022

When the whole world asks us collectively to stop, it’s an invitation. To listen, to make space for silence, to remind what us sits in the dark, in the hollow. Can we hold the night in our hands? Can we hold the hole, the well, from where life begins and ends (and begins and ends, and begins…)? Can we return inward and pulse with this life, and remember we are part of its wholeness? Can we – individually and collectively – recall how? Only if we start trying.

“We are one only heart, one only earth, one only soul’’ is powerful medicine shared by Davi Kopenawa, a brazilian Yanomami Shaman* that inspired Falleiros’ listening practice over the past two years. For the activation of Helio Oiticica’s piece at Socrates, Falleiros will expand this listening invitation to the public of Socrates Sculpture Park: together we will touch the clay and open space and time to be with one another, to be still, to be ‘one only heart.’

*The Yanomami people are currently at the forefront fighting illegal gold mining (among other violations), in the Amazon Forest, illegal activity supported by Brazil’s current ‘government’. Twenty years ago Davi Kopenawa Yanomami founded Hutukara Association to bring awareness to their people and the violence they face.

You can support them: https://bit.ly/supporthutukarayanomami and check their struggles at: https://www.facebook.com/yanomamihutukara