7PM: Cultural Performances & Food Offerings

Enjoy the musical stylings of Chilean band A Desalambrar.

And sample delicious Chilean cuisine from vendor Completo.

Nightfall: Film begins

Directed by Alison McAlpine
2018 / 78 mins
Not Rated
Programmed by Film Forum

The sublime night sky over Chile’s Atacama Desert, as experienced by astronomers, peasants, cowboys, and miners, is the subject of Cielo. Alison McAlpine’s meditation on the heavens is a mystical paean to the otherworldly beauty of these skies and an inspiring vision of a universe that we both see and cannot see.

“Using time-lapse cameras…to create a visual symphony of the moon, stars, sun and clouds… these images have a transporting power that comes close to approximating what it must be like to actually stand in Atacama, gazing up in awe. Shooting stars fly by like paint slashed on a cosmic canvas… The Milky Way itself rotates through the heavens with breathtaking clarity.” — Keith Uhlich, The Hollywood Reporter.

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