Circus Amok 2024

Saturday, April 7 | 6 PM

The circus returns to Socrates! This uniquely creative experience is filled with performance, music, dance, and deft-defying skills of all kinds. Free, no RSVP required.

About Circus Amok

Circus Amok is a New York City based circus-theater company who provides free public art addressing contemporary issues of social justice to the people of New York City. Directed and founded by Jennifer Miller, the group has been together since 1989, bringing its funny, queer, caustic and sexy, political, one-ring spectacles to neighborhoods throughout the city. Traditional circus skills are combined with experimental dance, lifesize puppetry, music old and new, gender-bending performance art and improvisation, creating new meanings for circus while continuing to entertain crowds of all ages throughout the city streets, gardens, parks, and playgrounds. Circus Amok invites the audience to envision a more empowered life of community interaction while enjoying a queer celebratory spectacle.

Image credit: Erik Mc Gregory


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