1971 Photograph of PN15 Maquette

Creleisure Talk: What’s Hidden in the Subterranean?
Saturday, June 18 | 2-3 PM

Scholars of Oiticica will discuss their reactions to the realization of PN15, which was only previously known through archival research. Speakers are encouraged to release subconscious thoughts that arise through their experience. Points for discussion include: How does this project reflect Oiticica’s years in New York and what he pursued after? Where is the Subterranean located among the public and private spheres?  If the site of the park or garden is in some ways, always already supra-sensorial, how does the PN15 live within that space?

Vivian Crockett, Curator, New Museum
Laura Harris, Assistant Professor, NYU
Aimé Iglesias-Lukin, Director and Chief Curator, Americas Society
Elisabeth Sussman, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art
Jess Wilcox, Curator, Socrates Sculpture Park