Much Ado About Nothing
presented by Hip to Hip Theatre Company
Sunday, August 7th
5-7 PM

**For day-of cancellations due to weather, please visit Instagram Stories @socratespark

Enjoy Hip to Hip Theatre Company‘s Shakespeare in the Parks program at Socrates! The Queen’s-based company presents the Bard’s beloved ‘Much Ado about Nothing,’ a comedy involving misunderstanding, love, deception, trickery and big surprises. Don’t miss your chance to experience this classic play outdoors in the Park’s beautiful natural setting. Bring a blanket or low chair and picnic fare and enjoy a Shakespeare play in the open air.

Everyone can see that Beatrice and Benedick are meant for each other except Beatrice and Benedick. Their friends conspire to trick them into announcing their feelings and falling for each other. Meanwhile, a bitter and troublesome Don John schemes to destroy another couple’s happiness with deception of a very different kind.

Free and open to the public.
Running time: 90 minutes.


Hip to Hip Theatre Company was founded in 2007 by Queens-based actors Jason and Joy Marr, who wanted to share with the community their enthusiasm for great plays, the works of Shakespeare in particular. The company is dedicated to stimulating and developing interest in the theatre arts in underserved communities by providing free, family-friendly, professional productions of popular classics, and free theatre workshops for children, in public spaces.