Juliana Luna in a white dress standing in the middle of a field with a round white circle behind her

Activation of  Hélio Oiticica’s Subterranean Tropicália Projects: PN15 1971/2022

Space/Time Reclamation: órbita 555
featuring Juliana Luna

Tuesday, June 21 | 4:00 – 5:30pm | RSVP free
in conjunction with Summer Solstice


Space/Time Reclamation: órbita 555 is an attempt to communicate a personal need to reclaim inner rhythm through non linear data collection. This workshop is an invitation to perceive the world from a perspective that isn’t rooted in extractivism, transactional raport and the continuous feeling lost within our own space/time. It is also a calling to reconnect with ancestral wisdom through Yoruba Afro Brazilian mythopoetics. By using Lunar mapping technology, sacred movement activates intuition as we hear the calling of our waters. We are prompted to play/move within the realm of dark/light to recollect memories stored in the past/future of our present moment.

Image credit: Thais Aquino Photography