“Ofrendas” Sculpture Workshop
featuring Koyoltzintli

August 14 | 12 – 2 pm
Free, Drop-in

In conjunction with
We are one only heart, one only earth, one only soul
featuring Bel Falleiros

August 14 | 12 – 2 pm
Performance & Clay Workshop
Free, Drop-in

Closing day of Subterranean Tropicália Projects: PN15 1971/2022

In this workshop participants will create miniature clay figurines that represent the fauna and flora around Socrates Sculpture Park. The small sculptures will become part of 2022 Socrates Fellow Koyoltzintli’s “ofrendas” offering for her installation, opening in September.

Before creating the sculptures, the class will look at different samples and talk about the importance of particular species and their wellbeing regarding the local ecosystem and environment.

Self-hardening clay will be provided, with some basic colors to decorate participants’ “ofrendas.”