July 1 – October 31, 2020

Tuesdays, 10 – 12pm

Thursdays, 2 – 4pm

Saturdays, 11 – 2pm

* weather permitting, and not on holidays


What should monuments represent?

Where should monuments go?

Do monuments matter?

What do you think about monuments? We want to know! As part of the ‘MONUMENTS NOW‘ exhibition, Socrates Educators have designed a program, “Let’s Talk,” to facilitate safely socially-distant conversations on the topics of monuments and public space.

At regularly scheduled times (weather permitting), Socrates Educators will be stationed at the Park’s unmistakable mirrored entry kiosk, ‘Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear‘ designed by School Studio.

Socrates Educators will engage visitors in a special question-and-answer dialogue format in which participants answer questions left by previous Park-goers and leave questions for future visitors to answer. As more and more people participate, the process will evolve as web of interactions.

Highlights from this community conversation will be documented on display boards dispersed around the Park and continuously updated throughout the exhibition.

You can participate in and contribute to “Let’s Talk” even if you are unable to visit the Park in-person or cannot make it during the regularly scheduled program hours. Just email email Socrates Lead Educator Douglas Paulson at with the subject line “Let’s Talk” for assistance.

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