Lotic Time
in conjunction with 

Mary Mattingly: Ebb of a Spring Tide

August 5, 2023

Lotic Time is a culminating event featuring a series of public activations that will reflect and respond to core themes of Mary Mattingly: Ebb of a Spring Tide.

Image: Courtesy of Marry Mattingly



Ebb of a Spring Tide
is an exhibition of new sculptural works by Mary Mattingly exploring our relationship to coastal ecosystems and the shifting nature of rivers and water lines. The exhibition is on view Saturday, May 20 – September 9, 2023.

Ebb of a Spring Tide features a 65-foot living sculpture titled Water Clock that is fabricated on-site in response to the Park’s unique waterfront location along East River; the place where the edges of land and water meet: the riparian zone. This monumental, scaffold structure will include edible vegetation and mirror the cityscape featured across the East River, reflecting on our human impact to New York City’s riparian edge. The clock’s pulse will be kept by East River water moving through the tubes, a reminder of a life support system and the delicate balance of coastal ecosystems.