7PM: Cultural Performances & Food Offerings

Soak in the sounds of Eleanor Dubinsky with Benhur Oliveira and Wesley Amorim!

Food TBA.

Nightfall: Film begins

Directed by Luc Jacquet
2005 / 80 mins
Rated G
Programmed by Film Forum.

Each autumn, the emperor penguins of Antarctica travel hundreds of miles from the sea to their inland mating grounds, subjected to one of the harshest climates on the planet. French director Luc Jacquet shot these regal creatures for over 13 months to capture one annual cycle. Winner of the Best Documentary Oscar in 2005, March of the Penguins “tracks a deadly dance of life at the edge of the world, with exquisite footage of a beautiful, forbidding locale that most of us will never visit. An accessible score and Morgan Freeman’s avuncular narration make this march family-friendly, too. Birth, death, romance, danger: All play a role in Jacquet’s homage to a remarkably endearing creature.” — Damon Smith, Time Out New York.

Free. No rsvp required.

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