As part of the ‘MONUMENTS NOW‘ exhibition, artist Paul Ramírez Jonas’ ‘Eternal Flame’ goes on view Saturday, July 25, 2020. ‘Eternal Flame’ is a monument in the form of a communal grill and imagines cooking culture as both a symbolic and real eternal flame – there is always a lit cooking fire somewhere on this globe. The work honors the role of cuisine and cooking in cultural cohesion and expression among communities and identities,  even when individuals and families relocate locally, nationally or internationally.

‘Eternal Flame’ is designed to recognize the importance of dialogue and exchange. During this new time of social distancing the grill will not be available for public use, but instead bring people together philosophically and culturally through the common experience of cooking and eating. With this in mind, a series of videos will be released with local and distant chefs invited by the artist to address the meaning of the eternal flame while preparing recipes and relating stories on each dish’s significance.

Please Note: The Park remains open at regular hours but there is no formal exhibition opening event in compliance with current New York City Park Department policies against large public gatherings. View Park-related Covid 19 updates–>