THURSDAY JULY 12, 2018  |  5PM – 7PM

Join us to celebrate the unveiling of our 2018 Folly/Function winning proposal: RRRolling Stones by HANNAH! RRRolling Stones is a series of moveable 3D printed concrete chairs for flexible use in the Park’s landscape. The HANNAH design team – Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic – will be on-site at at the unveiling along with their custom concrete 3D printer!

To see the 3D printer in action, join us at the Park on July 11th at 1:30PM or 3:30PM for live demonstrations>>

Learn more about HANNAH’s process for RRRolling Stones this video:

Also at the Park the evening of July 12th, catch a FREE performance by renowned jazz musician Eric Wyatt as part of our Jazz at Socrates program>>