Saturday, October 21  |  11AM – 3PM
*note: this event takes place in Central Park*

Socrates Sculpture Park is pleased to participate in It’s Happening! Celebrating 50 Years of Public Art in NYC Parks. On Saturday, October 21, 11am-3pm, NYC Parks will partner with a citywide group of artists and institutions to transform Central Park into a stage, museum, and art studio for a free day of public art celebrating this milestone.

Socrates and artist Daniele Frazier will present It Takes Two, pictured above. Frazier’s playful work features two 20-foot moving inflatable elements: one a giant hammer; the other a giant nail. Like the attention-grabbing inflatable figures often seen flailing in front of used car lots, the hammer and nail move humorously in relation to one another – the hammer grasps to hit the nail and the nail slyly bobs and dodges away. This movement creates a perpetual dance between two iconic symbols of construction and progress.

It Takes Two will be presented among more than 100 artworks, workshops, and performances throughout the day. Art lovers, families, and park-goers will be delighted by free art exhibits, performances, and hands-on art workshops in Central Park’s beautiful East Pinetum field.