Sunday, June 6 (Rain Date: June 13)  •  6–7:30pm  •  In-Person at the Park  •  Free*

*Pre-Registration is full. If you were not able to pre-register but would like to attend, please read the Participant Guidelines for instructions.


As part of his ‘Planeta Abuelx‘ exhibition, artist Guadalupe Maravilla is offering a series of free healing sound baths. He discovered the healing properties of sound baths during his treatment for colon cancer. Now as a cancer survivor, he regularly offers free communal healing sound baths as a form of mutual aid and care. “Human bodies are over 70% water, and the vibration of the gongs can help balance emotional, psychological, and in some cases physical pain,” explains the artist.

To create a healing sound bath, Maravilla and trained sound healers play gongs, bells, and percussive implements in hypnotic sequences that build into an immersive soundscape in and around the artist’s ‘Disease Throwers (#13 & #14 Installation)‘ and ‘Tripa Chuca‘ drawing. A designated fire keeper maintains a wood-fire with medicinal herbs in a central fire pit during sound baths.

The healing sound bath on Sunday, June 6 (Rain Date: June 13) is specifically intended for persons fighting cancer and their family & friends; persons who have survived cancer and their family & friends; and persons mourning a loss due to cancer.

For the full schedule of healing sound baths during the exhibition please go to the main exhibition page–>

Participant Guidelines

Before Going to the Park…

-This event is weather dependent. If there is inclement weather in the forecast, please check your email and refer to the Park’s website within 24 hour of the event to confirm if it is taking place. The rain date for this event is Sunday, June 13 at 6pm. Registration is valid for use on the rain date if it is implemented.

-The healing sound baths take place outdoors so please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Also plan to bring your own drinking water as the Park’s public fountain is currently switched off for quality testing purposes.

Healing sound bath participants should bring their own yoga mat, blanket, or towel to lie on or chair to sit on. The Park has a limited supply of yoga mats and chairs that will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that a mask covering the nose and mouth is required on-site at the Park and during the healing sound baths with an exception for children under the age of two. If you need an accommodation, please contact the Park at least 48 hours in advance at

-For transportation options and directions to Socrates, click here. There is no car parking on-site with the exception of vehicles with an accessibility permit. Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood.

Pre-registered healing sound bath participants should plan to arrive at least half an hour before the start of the program or risk forfeiting their ticket. Please be prepared to show your ticket on your phone or bring a print-out of your ticket. Fifteen minutes before the program begins, remaining spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. No one will be seated after the program begins.

-If you were not able to pre-register but would like to attend, please plan to arrive at the Park no later than fifteen minutes before the start of the program.

When you Get to the Park…

-When you arrive at the Park, please enter through the main entrance at the intersection of Vernon Blvd and Broadway. The Park’s north entrance – located across Vernon Blvd from Château le Woof Pet Market & Cafe – will be closed during the event.

-Upon entering the Park, look for the check-in tent where Socrates staff-members will take your ticket and direct you to an available spot for the healing sound bath.

-Sound bath seating will be pre-marked on the lawn for safe social-distancing. Please do not move sound bath seating markers. If you are attending the sound bath with one or more person that you do not need to social-distance from, then you can gather together in the same pre-marked sound bath spot.

-Once the program begins, sound bath participants must remain quietly seated or laying down for the full duration of the healing sound bath. Please silence all cellphones and noise-making devices.

-If you were not able to register but would like to attend, please line-up near the check-in table and you will be admitted fifteen minutes before the program begins.

-The northern half of the Park is reserved for sound healers and participants during the sound baths. If you are in the Park while a sound bath is taking place, please keep noise at a minimum. You are welcome to observe the sound bath from a respectful distance.

Registration is Full

If you were not able to pre-register but would like to attend, please plan to arrive at the Park no later than fifteen minutes before the start of the program as that is when we will begin admitting unregistered guests.