Sunset at Socrates with a few clouds, looking at the skyline and East River, filled with picnickers

Summer Solstice
Tuesday, June 21
4  – 8:30pm

Celebrate Summer Solstice at Socrates Sculpture Park! Join us for tours, workshops, performance and music that focus on reflection and our relationship to the land & nature.

Juliana Aluna- The Aluna Method
Raphaela Melsohn

Soulfully Infused Smoothies
Right on time for summer! Try out our tasty and refreshing smoothies made by Beanca. Soulfully Infused brings smoothies that are freshly made, with extra love, peace and soul!

Mama’s Empanadas
A variety of delicious Colombian-style empanadas, in both meat and vegetarian options, will be available for purchase.



Space/Time Reclamation: órbita 555
featuring Juliana Luna
4:00 – 5:30 pm | RSVP Free

Space/Time Reclamation: órbita 555 is an attempt to communicate a personal need to reclaim inner rhythm through non linear data collection. This workshop is an invitation to perceive the world from a perspective that isn’t rooted in extractivism, transactional raport and the continuous feeling lost within our own space/time. It is also a calling to reconnect with ancestral wisdom through Yoruba Afro Brazilian mythopoetics. By using Lunar mapping technology, sacred movement activates intuition as we hear the calling of our waters. We are prompted to play/move within the realm of dark/light to recollect memories stored in the past/future of our present moment.

Image credit: Thais Aquino Photography

Flight of the Monarchs- bring your wings! 
with iDig2Learn

20 participants each | Free
4:30pm at The Grove of Trees, flight through Steel Bodies
5:30pm near The River
6:30pm inside Hélio Oiticica’s PN15

Pollinators love Solstice too! What tastes with their feet, is orange and black and flies over 2,000 miles twice a year? Find out as Socrates Sculpture Park celebrates Solstice and kicks off Pollinator Week.

Join iDig2Learn to flutter like a Monarch butterfly as we don wings and soar amidst art and nature recreating their magical migration flight from Mexico to Canada and back. Now’s your chance to fly!

Artist Conversation with Raphaela Melsohn
Querido Helio, how can I translate you?
5:30 pm, duration 45 mins

Socrates Curator Jess Wilcox and Brazilian Artist Raphaela Melsohn will talk about Helio Oiticica’s Subterranean Tropicalia Projects: PN15 and Melsohn’s temporary earth drawing created in response, titled Querido Helio, I made a subterranean floorplan.  The discussion will highlight ideas such as translation processes, scale shifts, intergenerational conversations among artists, and the relationship both works have with the body, the public, and the earth Socrates Park.

Image credit: Noara Quintana


Sonic Rituals: the will to love
featuring Dyani
6:30 – 8:30 pm

There are many barriers to self-trust that we contend with on a daily basis, whether we are conscious of it or not. They range from societal to interpersonal to spiritual and intergenerational. Our bodies speak their own language and have stories of their own to tell and information that can reveal the nature of these barriers. The only way to listen is to slow down and tune in.

“Sonic Rituals: the will to love” at Socrates Sculpture Park will offer time and space to get in touch with our internal world and learning to trust our inner guidance systems through rest, reiki healing, and deep listening to a sound bath DJ set and performance by Dyani.