MARCH 24, 2019


You’re invited to join us at the Park on Sunday, March 24th from 3 – 5PM to celebrate the final day of The Socrates Annual exhibition and the accomplishments of our 2018 Artist Fellows! The festivities will include special artist performances and activations (schedule below). Light refreshments will be served. RSVP required to rsvp@socratessculpturepark.org


3 – 5PM– Item Swap with Artist Fellow Antone Konst at Free Peddler

Antone Konst, Free Peddler, 2018, Courtesy the Artist, Photo by Sara Morgan

2018 Artist Fellow Antone Konst invites you to meet him by his sculpture Free Peddler with an item(s) to swap!

3:10PM – Artist Fellow Sherwin Banfield Shares Final Words & Playlist for A Cypher In Queens

Sherwin Banfield, A Cypher in Queens, 2018, Image courtesy the Artist

Meet by 2018 Artist Fellow Sherwin Banfield’s audio-sculptural project, A Cypher in Queens, to hear him speak about the work and activate the final installment of his playlist series.

3:30 – 4:30PM – Artist Fellows Joe Riley & Audrey Snyder perform Along for the ride with collaborators Alexa West, Tyler Berrier, and Tenaya Kheller

Joe Riley & Audrey Snyder with Into the ground, 2018, Courtesy the Artists, Photo by Christopher Saalbach Walsh

2018 Artist Fellows Joe Riley & Audrey Snyder will present Along for the ride, a collaborative performance with Alexa West, Tyler Berrier, and Tenaya Kheller, that responds to their installation Into the ground. Over the course of one hour, performers will peel-back the sculpture’s rust-dyed cover to reveal the steel armature beneath. Working slowly, the performance takes on the pace and resilience of rust in time.

3:40PM – Sensory Exploration with Beatrice Glow in Tropticon

“Aromérica Parfumeur, 2016, Beatrice Glow, installation view at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Chile”

Research-based artist and multi-sensory storyteller Beatrice Glow invites visitors to engage with their sense of smell and delve into the social history of plants that shape our world. Meet her inside 2018 Artist Fellow Joiri Minaya’s greenhouse sculpture Tropticon for this experience.

4PM – Tools for Many Kinds of Selves with Lucia Monge in Tropticon

Peruvian artist Lucia Monge presents an iteration of Tools for Many Kinds of Selves, which uses sculptures made of man-made and natural materials (tree limbs, mycellium casts, bioplastics, fabric, paper, etc) that take on the form of — speculative/prosthetic/por qué no/what-if — tools as initial prompts to invite the audience to participate or observe the thinking and action that emerges from attention to other ways of being (to each other). Tools for Many Kinds of Selves takes place in 2018 Artist Fellow Joiri Minaya’s greenhouse sculpture Tropticon.

4:20PM – An Iteration of paisajas with Edua Restrepo Castaño in Tropticon*

*Content Warning: this performance contains partial nudity

Visual artist, organizer, and youth educator Edua Restrepo Castaño presents an iteration of paisajas, consisting of garments, sculptures, and performative actions that engage multi-scale camouflage fabric as a material, while examining and expanding it as a symbol. paisajas will be performed in 2018 Artist Fellow Joiri Minaya’s greenhouse sculpture Tropticon.



Leilah BabiryeSherwin BanfieldAmy BrenerLionel CruetNathaniel Cummings-LambertRonen GamilJesse HarrodCarlos Jiménez CahuaLeander Mienardus KnustAntone KonstJoiri MinayaNicholas MisselVirginia Lee MontgomeryNancy Nowacek, and Joe Riley & Audrey Snyder.


The Socrates Annual is the culminating exhibition of the Park’s Artist Fellowship program. Each year fifteen artists are selected through a competitive, open-call application process and awarded the funding, space, and technical & administrative support needed to realize ambitious public art projects. The Socrates Annual exhibition does not adhere to an overarching theme, rather it showcases a diversity of processes, material approaches, and subjects that comprise the most compelling public art practices today.