For “Let’s Talk” highlights, check the Park’s Instagram @socratespark on Tuesdays through October 2020 or follow the hashtag #LetsTalkAtSocrates.

About “Lets Talk”

July – October, 2020

As part of the ‘MONUMENTS NOW‘ exhibition, Socrates’ Lead Educator Douglas Paulson has designed a program, “Let’s Talk,” to facilitate safely socially-distant conversations exploring monuments, current events, speculations about the future, and all things in between.

For several hours every day (weather permitting), Doug will be stationed at the Park’s unmistakable mirrored entry kiosk – ‘Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear’ by School Studio – to record visitors’ thoughts on questions left by previous visitors.  Each participant is also invited to leave a question for the next visitor to answer.

A summary of every interaction is then displayed on one of the conversation boards spread throughout the Park – inspiring future visitors to participate. As the number of responses grow, the conversation boards become layered with divergent and parallel ideas that may help others consider new perspectives.

To contribute to “Let’s Talk,” you can visit the Park and talk to Doug in-person (mask required); follow and contribute to the conversation on Instagram by tagging @socratespark and using #LetsTalkAtSocrates; or by emailing Doug at with the subject line “Let’s Talk”.


“Let’s Talk” and all free education at Socrates is made possible with generous support from ConEdison.