Lights Light
October 2, 2021  •  5 PM

“Light’s light” is a “song” or “performance,” which seeks to examine the life and trials of Mary, the mother of the Prophet Jesus of Nazareth. In this performance, a despondent Mary wanders the space in hopes of sharing her grief and sorrow over the death of her son, in hopes that the weight of her pain might weigh equally on the observer. As a mother of a social and political activist, killed for his message, she is caught in an emotional purgatory from which she can’t escape. Through sound and light, her spirit takes form in a cycle that has no end. Soprano Alessandra Altier joins in the final of moments of Joshua Coyne’s composition which is the audio for Monsieur Zohore’s project MZ.19 (Patronus: For Mothers Who’ve Lost Their Sons & Sons That Lost Their Mothers).

Photo: Scott Lynch