Renegade Performance Group

SATURDAYS, AUGUST 3 & 10, 2019 •  3 PM & 6 PM

Free • No RSVP Required

Renegade Performance Group‘s artistic director André M. Zachery debuts ‘Ephemera’ – an Afrofuturist site-specific dance and media work.

‘Ephemera’ is a multimedia project expounding on the body as a living-archive using choreography, sound-design, and technology to activate the current exhibition, Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space. ‘Ephemera’ treats stargazing as a futuring action and also situates it within the African American folklore built from reading the night sky to find “the North Star” during the escape from enslavement on the Underground Railroad. ‘Ephemera’ considers how this celestial wayfinding knowledge – navigating by observing the stars and other night sky patterns – passed from generation to generation.

The Black Speculative Arts Movement will engage the audience between performances.

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